100% Natural

Hooked On Baits provide a 100% natural products.

Best Quality

Hooked On Baits provide a 100% best quality products

Always Fresh

Hooked On Baits provide a always fresh products

Specialist Products

The Blitz

The Blitz combines four different nuts and a range of our ever reliable particle seeds to form a milky mix that will produce an irresistible cloud of attraction, l drawing fish into the swim at all times of the year. The carefully prepared and individually selected particle mix really gets to work once introduced to the swim triggering a response like no other – keeping fish in the swim feeding hard for hours. PVA Friendly Great for us in a bag, stick or spod mixes Ready to use
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The R9 is something a little different to other mixes available today, as for the first time ever, we have managed to include a high quantity of real bloodworm into the mix. I think even we have been surprised with how well this mix has done since the introduction to the market, but one thing is for certain, the carp just can’t resist it. The R9 not only contains real bloodworm but also consists of a range of seeds that have been selected not only for their effectiveness as a finished bait but also for the weight of the product. By using very light weight seeds, we guarantee that when the fish enter the swim the mix literally explodes off the bottom and sends the carp into a feeding frenzy.
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Our Maggamix is a rich mix of hemp, groats & rice infused with flavouring to replicate the use of maggots enticing carp to feed fast especially in tough conditions PVA Friendly Great for us in a bag, stick or spod mixes Ready to use
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Our Story

Danny & Martin Here

As you may have heard we took over Hooked On Baits in September 2016. When we found out it was up for grabs we contacted the owner straight away and the deal was done. We was both already aware of how good the products were as we had both been using them for some time previous.Even with this in mind we have still managed to better the products. We truly believe that we have the best preserved particles on the market bar none, and will keep striving to better them if and where possible, whilst insuring that we source the best ingredients money can buy in the particle world!

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